The Fiscal Stimulus Package and Stripper Addictions

Joel Stein over at the LA Times has an excellent post on his view of the fiscal stimulus package.  Here is the first paragraph and, trust me, its worth reading the rest.  He covers everything from Ron Paul’s goofy exasperation to Bebe clothing stores to telling Ben Bernanke that he is good looking to how unlikely it is that the fiscal stimulus package and a stripper addiction are the keys to curing a sick economy.

Here is the first paragraph:

The government should not be in charge of the economy. The government is super-insecure and desperate to be liked, as anyone would be if his or her popularity got put to a public vote every few years. So when the government senses you might blame it for something — such as the fact that you spent $1 million on a three-bedroom house, and now you owe a ridiculous $1 million for a lousy three-bedroom house — it panics like a grandparent and sends you a small check in the mail. It calls this “fiscal stimulus”; my grandma called it, oddly, “gambling money.” Same idea. They both want a kiss.

Here is the link to the full article