Career reinvention – what would you do differently?

We’ve all heard the sayings directed toward the younger generation about how much they could learn from those who’ve lived before them.  Your parents can teach you valuable lessons about life that will prevent you from living through some of the same hardships they endured.  The value in that learning doesn’t have to only show up in generational trends though.  Turning it inward and making it highly relevant to the present though, you can ask the question of what you’d do differently in your life if you started over.

I don’t mean a fictitious rebirth, reliving your youth, reliving your educational years or making different decisions over your time spent after school.  I’m talking about now.  Use everything you know, your experience, your income, your specialties to determine if you are using your resources to their fullest.  If someone else was in your shoes, what advice would you give them to rocket their income, their happiness, their career?

Forget about incremental changes from where you are now, forget about shaving a few more hours off your work week to spend time with your family, forget about putting in a few more hours to hope for the chance to move up in your job.  Think about a dramatic change, what if you could start from scratch, TODAY, with all the knowledge you have now.

What would you do? Would you do what you’re doing right now or would you change things?  Don’t wait for your older years to look back and regret the decisions you made. If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely mid-career with plenty of life experience, job experience, market knowledge and expertise.  Use that to your advantage, figure out how to best utilize your assets and make that your 12 month goal.  It may be a fundamental change, it may be something simple like plan for that overseas vacation you’ve always dreamed of.  What would you do differently if you started over?


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