WhitePages.com Enters Groupon’s Territory with DealPop.com

Photo Courtesy of DigitalSextant on Flickr

DealPop.com is coming to Seattle on July 14th.  The Seattle Times did a story on the new launch from WhitePages.com on Thursday, announcing the launch date and the intent of the product as “the integration of bricks-and-mortar retail with e-commerce” with a focus on local merchants.

The space is definitely crowded, with the heavy hitters in Seattle being Groupon.com, LivingSocial.com, Tippr.com and Yubit.com. The DealPop Seattle launch is part of a larger plan for DealPop to expand to five additional cities in the US by the end of the year.

For the small business, I think this is great news.  I’ve worked with several small businesses to help them get a presence online and I think having large, established online companies in the space helping those small businesses boost sales (even if just for a day) is a great boon for these companies.

Key to a lot of these group/social buying sites is the social media aspect, the ability to easily share the daily deal or your purchase on a variety of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and email for those with their contact lists established outside of the social networking sites.  Having your small business represented, even for a day, on these sites with such large amounts of traffic (WhitePages.com with just over 22 million/month, Groupon with just under 2 million/month) can bring in hundreds or thousands of new customers.  Groupon’s recent deals page for Seattle shows several of their top deals generating thousands of sales for a given merchant in a 24 hour period, something you just can’t reliably get with traditional advertising without taking a big bet and spending thousands on PPC, print or radio/TV advertising.

Its an exciting time for small businesses.  With heavy hitters like LivingSocial, DealPop and Groupon on your side to help you get online quickly and sell your goods, you can reap the rewards of viral marketing and huge internet reach without having to build a full ecommerce solution yourself.