The house is almost finished!

My dad has been working on a beautiful home up in Glacier Springs (Glacier, WA) for the last few years.  I partnered up to help with the financing part way through the build out and the house is finally near completion so now we’re on to the next phase, what to do with it.

It was built as a custom home on a lot my parents have owned for 20 years.   Just 30 minutes from Mt. Baker (the most snowfall anywhere in the United States) means this awesome home is a dream for skiiers and snowboarders.

If you’re looking for a vacation home in Mt. Baker or a Glacier vacation rental, take a look at the property’s website and contact us through the email address provided and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Housing Prices Dropping in Seattle

It seems like home prices are coming down at least a little in Seattle these days and they are definitely on the market a bit longer than they used to.

A house in Ballard, just a few blocks from mine recently dropped it’s price from 339,000 to 325,000. It’s sort of a funky house, but seems like it’s definitely one of the cheapest houses in the neighborhood. Time to start buying?