First month with all weekends booked!

We put the finishing touches on the vacation home up in Glacier, WA about a week before Christmas.  We hadn’t posted the home on or craigslist at all because we weren’t sure of a completion date so didn’t want to pre-book if we couldn’t deliver.  Experience told me that things always take longer than planned and when it involves people’s vacation schedules with friends and family, it seemed reasonable to exercise a little extra caution in making sure things were ready before we started booking.

In the first week, we quickly booked three seperate groups from Christmas through New Years day, two through family and one through our awesome cleaning service up in the Glacier/Maple Falls area.

I’m happy to say that, as of this morning, we’re also booked for all the weekends in January already.  The first weekend is a family booking so we can put some last minute touches on the place, paint some miscellaneous furniture and relax a bit ourselves, then we have two 2-night rentals and a 3-night rental for the other weekends which is great news.

A little back of the napkin math says that’ll be $225 * 7 = $1575 in rental income for the month, not bad for having a full weekend to ourselves as well.  It isn’t turning a profit on its own, but the important thing was to get it finished and start bringing in some income to offset expenses.  Even if it doesn’t break even, its great to have such a beautiful place up there to escape to for our family and friends.  I’m excited about the marketing prospects for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler and even through the summer to see how the rental demand changes, whether or not prices will fluctuate, or if they’ll be any other surprises.  A big adventure for 2010!

Here is the link to our Mt. Baker vacation rental on