Housing Prices Dropping in Seattle

It seems like home prices are coming down at least a little in Seattle these days and they are definitely on the market a bit longer than they used to.

A house in Ballard, just a few blocks from mine recently dropped it’s price from 339,000 to 325,000. It’s sort of a funky house, but seems like it’s definitely one of the cheapest houses in the neighborhood. Time to start buying?

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Well, I finally managed to track down an iPhone in the Seattle area, no thanks to apple or at&t’s web sites. I’ve only had it for a few hours now, the verdict? Neat device but, so far, painfully slow to type on.

They were out of the 8gb models so I had to get a 16gig. I don’t use itunes currently so filling 8gb seems like a challenge, let alone 16. AT&T was kind enough to lock me into two years though so I’m sure I’ll find some way to fill it as more and more uses are found for the device.

If you are completely sick of the iPhone chatter and don’t mind some crude humor, google “maddox iPhone” and enjoy. It’s crude, don’t say I didn’t warn you…