Google Ending Free Dinners for Staff

Update: Turns out this news was bogus.  Jim Goldman over at Tech Check (CNBC) contacted Google and Google completely denied the rumor.  Here is the link to Jim Goldman’s CNBC article.

Rumors are swirling that Google will be ending its free dinner service for employees and that the announcement will be made today to staff.

The stories of Google perks are a great part of tech lore. Post the dot-com era where crazy perks were the norm, Google has reinvented ‘posh’ by offering employees free meals three times a day.  Fancy chefs, custom dishes cooked to your liking and lots and lots of free candy served to attract and retain existing staff and create a sense of jealousy among those working for other tech companies.

Word is that the free dinners just got out of control.  Employees were bringing their whole families in for the free meals, expansion of the employee base led to Google outsourcing the kitchen duties to a third party, and things were just getting crazy at the google plex.

Poor guys at Google, what are they going to do now?