The second big drop

It seems as though we’ve hit a second big drop in the market. We had a good bump last week due to the election results, but my portfolio is now hitting fresh new lows once again.

Selling at the bottom is an ‘amateur’ play, but nobody knows where the bottom is exactly.

Not sure whether to buy or sell at these levels for a 6 to 18 month investment window. Retirement acct will be fine, but what is the right thing to do with cash right now?

Where is the bottom?

Where is the bottom in this market? Of course company earnings will suffer with a credit crunch and lower consumer spending. Lower earnings means a drive to cut costs, which will mean layoffs. The threat of layoffs will mean consumers spending less. Consumers spending less means lowers corporate earnings… See a cycle here?

Now, the million (or trillion) dollar question…what will break the cycle?