Jott is growing on me

As I posted a few months back, I hesitantly laid down $300 recently to pick up an iPhone.

It’s an awful phone, but a great little device for everything else.

The iPhone app store offers a ton of free apps for all kinds of uses. Most of the free apps (and probably the paid) are garbage, but there are a few gems.

Jott is one of the cool ones. I learned about it from a talk the CEO of the company gave at Lunch 2.0 in Seattle a few months back.

Jott is basically a scratchpad…that you talk to. You record something, Jott sends it off to a server with speech recognition (or a real person if necessary) and then saves it in your Jott account as text. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can record and replay Jotts on the phone or through their website. It’s all free, AWESOME!